Natural Medicine of Cardiology

The cardiovascular system is made up of blood (carrying oxygen, nutrients, wastes and other substances to and from all parts of the body), blood vessels (arteries and veins), and the heart organ, which pumps blood into the vessels at the rate of billions of beats in an average lifetime.  It’s amazing how perfect this cardiovascularContinue reading “Natural Medicine of Cardiology”

The magic of herbs: soothing mental health

Introduction Stress, depression and anxiety are mental health disorders that affect a large percentage of the population around the world. These predominant mental disorders have a variety of methods of treatment, including both therapeutic and chemical drugs. However, many people end up using a high dose of antidepressants causing them various side effects, unaware thatContinue reading “The magic of herbs: soothing mental health”

Herbs: Practising Natural Medicine in the Modern Age

 Herbal remedies are treatments that have been around probably since the beginning of mankind, and have been used by civilisations to cure ailments and reduce the severity of symptoms. After all, they are natural; and natural things are surely the best? Just because we have an advanced pharmaceutical industry that can make all sorts ofContinue reading “Herbs: Practising Natural Medicine in the Modern Age”

Aliens: an Ally or Enemy of the Human Race

Some astrophysicists have a contradictory idea that there is a race existing in this universe other than the human kind. Perhaps there is another race just like humankind –  intelligent enough to communicate with us or even destroy us. Who knows. But we haven’t heard from them yet. When will we, if we ever do?Continue reading “Aliens: an Ally or Enemy of the Human Race”

The evolution of galaxies: life of stars

Introduction I’m sure many of us have taken moments to look up and just admire the stars dazzling in the clear night’s sky. But did you know these shining stars have actually been rapidly burning for the past 4.6 billion years? That’s right, throughout the scientific existence of mankind, these stars have been there, helpingContinue reading “The evolution of galaxies: life of stars”

The Steady State Universe: Challenging the Concepts of Reality

When it comes to the world’s cosmic origins, there have been a number of theories that have advanced throughout the course of history. Most cultures and regions of the world have had their own mythological tradition, which naturally included a creation story, whether it was based on religion or science, or even a combination ofContinue reading “The Steady State Universe: Challenging the Concepts of Reality”

The Big Bang Theory: How it All Began

Introduction How did the universe form? How did it become the seemingly infinite place we know of today? These are questions that have been driving philosophers and scholars crazy since the beginning of time, and some wild and pretty interesting stories have been discovered.  The Big Bang Theory is the most well known explanation aboutContinue reading “The Big Bang Theory: How it All Began”

Biological warfare – using viruses for war

Summary Video: Ever since life arose on Earth approximately 3.8 billion years ago, organisms have constantly created new ways to kill each other. Any organism that makes use of toxins, whether it is viruses or even snake poison, is engaging in a form of biological warfare. Humans who engage in biological warfare do soContinue reading “Biological warfare – using viruses for war”

The nano-dimension: inside our microscopic world

A Summary Presentation… Introduction Nanotechnology’ is the study and application of extremely small things which has uses across all scientific fields. Evident as the prefix ‘nano’ is derived from the greek word ‘Nanos’ meaning ‘dwarf’. It involves the ability to see and control individual atoms and molecules. Nanoscience is the study of phenomena andContinue reading “The nano-dimension: inside our microscopic world”

Talking Therapies- a hidden treatment of Dementia

Note: words formatted in bold can be found in the glossary As it currently stands, there is no cure for dementia. In fact, as there’s various causes of dementia, it’s likely that there won’t be a definitive cure. Regardless, there’s still many therapies and treatment plans for those diagnosed. Talking therapies is one of thoseContinue reading “Talking Therapies- a hidden treatment of Dementia”